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Remainders: The perils of group work; assessing John King

  • Group work comes with perils, seven in particular, says Diana Senechal’s new book. (Joanne Jacobs)
  • NY’s Board of Regents elected John King to be the state’s next education commissioner. (GS, Times)
  • As John King takes over for David Steiner, an assessment of the pair’s efforts so far. (Education Next)
  • NCLB reauthorization kicks off with a congressional bill that would mainly keep SIG. (Politics K12)
  • Today’s boycott of Buffalo schools resulted in an attendance rate of 53 percent. (Buffalo News)
  • A scientific exploration into what’s going on when students feel pain doing math. (Ed Week)
  • The playground fire at P.S. 29 offers a tough lesson about trusting communities. (Insideschools)
  • Charter schools are similar to British “free schools,” writes a former city school official. (Spectator)
  • A report looks at the qualities of charter school networks that grow successfully. (Hechinger Report)
  • More on that study in the journal Science that looked at effective science instruction. (Ed Week)