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Remainders: Has Cuomo handed Bloomberg a bargaining chip?

  • Chris Smith reads Cuomo’s position on teacher evaluation as a bargaining chip for Bloomberg. (NYMag)
  • Mulgrew is working with religious groups; many electeds attended the UFT’s spring event. (NY Teacher)
  • Could Google’s inexpensive “cloud” laptops threaten school IT staffs across the land? (Peter Pappas)
  • Norm Scott says E4E opponents should go after their “way of thinking,” not call names. (Ed Notes)
  • Edu-advocacy needs “strange bedfellows,” says Winn, formerly of Sharpton and Klein’s EEP. (NSVF)
  • Arne Duncan is holding onto the 100%-proficiency-by-2014 goal to show its problems. (Politics K12)
  • A 1979 law seems to challenge the USDOE’s ability to direct curriculum and textbooks. (Jay Greene)
  • George Miller and Chris Christie debated teachers unions’s role in change; see minute 52. (TWIE)
  • Illinois and Houston are both pursuing big changes to the way teachers are evaluated. (Teacher Beat)
  • Have you noticed that there are a lot of jobs posted on our jobs board? Including an Ohio opportunity!