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Remainders: "Like having to learn Russian in a weekend"

Notes on Black:

  • Black, happy to wear designer suits again, says learning schools was like learning Russian. (Fortune)
  • Parents and educators in Harlem and Greenpoint had diverse reactions to Black’s departure. (City Room)
  • Bloomberg defended Cathie Black as “phenomenally competent” on his radio show. (DNA Info)
  • Dennis Walcott visited his old elementary school today with his grandson, a student there. (City Room)
  • A coalition is fighting for a national search for a new chancellor, not Walcott. (Prospect Heights Patch)
  • A parent says Bloomberg “satisficed” — settled for someone who seems good but falls short. (NYCPSP)
  • Walcott may fit a pattern of chancellors who are reformers “with a softer touch.” (Capital New York)
  • Grassroots Education Movement: this week proves that “the Bloomberg ship is sinking.” (Norm’s Notes)
  • Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries is very happy to see Cathie Black go. (Fort Greene Patch)
  • A city education reporter says schools chancellors aren’t relevant under mayoral control. (City Room)


  • Gen Y teachers want more feedback than their veteran peers, an AFT analysis finds. (Teacher Beat)
  • An economist estimates the value of teachers based on their students’ future earnings. (Joanne Jacobs)
  • Study of KIPP finds black students are less likely to leave KIPP than district schools. (Ed Week)
  • John Merrow’s new book argues the goal should not be better teachers, but a better job. (News Hour)
  • Robert Jackson told Dennis Walcott that pushing to end LIFO is beating a dead horse. (Wonkster)
  • Learn more about going educationally green at a Department of Education fair. (Insideschools)
  • Two views of balloons highlight how teachers and parents see schools differently. (GS Community)
  • John White tells New Orleans television that he is committed to listening to parents. (WWLTV)
  • A Newark high school is a finalist for Obama’s commencement challenge. (Politics K12)

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