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Rise & Shine: Administrator-to-student ratio up in New York

  • Across New York, there are fewer students in public schools, but more administrators. (Post)
  • Some city officials believe the teacher bonus program failed because it was schoolwide. (Post, WSJ)
  • The Bronx charter school that could be closed fired a third of its teachers, but kept arts teachers. (WSJ)
  • A Fort Hamilton HS teacher was arrested for threatening to shoot up the school. (Post, Daily News, NY1)
  • The teacher is out on bail, but has been ordered to stay away from the school. (Post)
  • Michael Daly: You just can’t say “Columbine” in a crowded school, even if students like you. (Daily News)
  • The family of a Bronx 10-year-old arrested at PS 132 is suing the city. (Post, Daily News, Times, AP)
  • Some students at Renaissance Charter High School write poetry to express themselves. (Daily News)
  • Mayor Bloomberg rejected Gov. Cuomo’s assertion that the city can afford to avoid layoffs. (Daily News)
  • Next Bloomberg will try to convince New Yorkers with a colorful leaflet arriving by mail tomorrow. (Post)
  • Union leaders who attended a recent Cuomo event said he backed collective bargaining. (Daily News)
  • The state’s School Boards Association endorsed Bloomberg’s bid to end “last in, first out” rules. (Post)
  • The state blocked a city plan to put a charter school into PS 9. (GothamSchools, Daily News, NY1)
  • A Marta Valle HS senior was killed by a subway on his way to a school cooking class. (Post)
  • A National Review editor: Recent schools missteps are key to Bloomberg’s bad third term. (Daily News)
  • Richard Whitmire: Michelle Rhee made enemies because she pointed out bad teachers. (Daily News)
  • The Paterson school district in New Jersey suspended a teacher over a Facebook post. (Times)
  • An all-boys Catholic high school in Harlem is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. (Times)
  • The superintendent of a Phoenix district is retiring, then immediately returning as a consultant. (Times)
  • Clubs for atheists are beginning to form in high schools around the country. (Times)