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Remainders: DOE consultant charged with stealing $3.6M

  • A former consultant is charged with stealing $3.6 million meant to wire schools. (NYT, DN)
  • A rising senior doesn’t need bad behavior to prove she’s growing up. (GS Community)
  • NYC Leadership Academy names Irma Zardoya, a former superintendent, as president. (No link)
  • Failure to build consensus on Buffalo’s school turnaround plans will doom them. (School Zone)
  • Of the 800-some schools getting SIG dollars, about 50 are charter schools. (Quick and the Ed)
  • A report released by KIPP finds its college-graduation rate is “far short of our goal.” (Ed Week)
  • A reform plan that aimed to unite the teachers union and district deals with discord. (VOSD)
  • Applications to CEC parent councils are in; some districts have way more than others. (Insideschools)
  • More aspiring gifted and talented students took tests this year than last year. (GS, Insideschools)
  • Diane Ravitch and Andy Rotherham debated education on Terry Gross’s “Fresh Air.” (NPR)
  • Posting a police officer at a school has advantages but isn’t a long-term solution. (Notebook)
  • Lawmakers, want to get the feds out of K-12 education? There is a bill for you. (Politics K12)