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Remainders: $1 million for every day Black was chancellor

  • A group of parents is suing Mayor Bloomberg for $100 million for appointing Cathie Black. (WNYC)
  • Chancellor Walcott said the city will restructure how it gives guidance to closing schools. (GS, NYT)
  • The Gates Foundation is spending $20 million to bring national standards to schools. (AP)
  • Sect. Duncan is trying to ease NCLB’s renewal by holding community forums with lawmakers. (Edweek)
  • Renaissance Charter teachers are drafting their own evaluation plan. (GS Community)
  • Public high school students can enter a mural contest to get their artwork on school walls. (NY Cares)
  • Students at P.S. 181 played on a student-designed playground on its opening day. (NYT)
  • Bullies and victims spend more time in the nurse’s office than their classmates do. (NYT)
  • Governor Cuomo’s plan to consolidate small school districts is a good one. (Dana Goldstein)
  • Cuomo says most school districts can and should stay under his proposed tax cap. (State of Politics)
  • Winners of a teachers union essay contest tell the chancellor about their jobs. (New York Teacher)
  • Success Academy staff met with a tough crowd in Williamsburg, says an audience member. (EdNotes)
  • Students’ scores on the city’s gifted & talented test were sent home yesterday. (InsideSchools)
  • LA’s new superintendent is hiring an executive team, but some say he’s spending too much. (LA Times)