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Rise & Shine: Co-location fight on Brandeis campus turns legal

  • A legal battle over co-locating a charter school on the Upper West Side is heating up. (Daily News, GS)
  • The founder of a school on the Brandeis campus calls for an end to the space fights. (Daily News)
  • Suspended teachers can collect thousands in salaries before the city manages to fire them. (Post)
  • City Year “success mentors” help coax often-truant students into schools. (Daily News)
  • A potential space-fight in Queens was averted when a charter school found private space. (Daily News)
  • Parents of children whose day care seats are being cut are worried about their options. (Daily News)
  • Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is persuading states to adopt Florida-style education reforms. (Times)
  • The city’s plans for an applied science school are finding skepticism at home, interest elsewhere. (Times)
  • Richard Whitmire: Cory Booker needs to learn from Michelle Rhee if he wants change. (Daily News)
  • After last year’s contentious school board elections, NJ schools have adjusted to smaller budgets. (WSJ)
  • Fourteen NJ towns are asking voters to exceed a two percent property tax cap. (Star-Ledger)