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Rise & Shine: Bloomberg says teacher layoff situation still grim

  • Mayor Bloomberg says next year’s budget, to be released next week, still contains many layoffs. (Post)
  • Dennis Walcott is Bloomberg’s great hope for redeeming his education legacy. (City Hall News)
  • The relationship between Bloomberg and City Comptroller John Liu is remarkably cold. (Times)
  • Most city charter schools have few English language learners, but a few succeed with many. (WNYC)
  • Due process before firing teachers who haven’t improved can require years and huge expenses. (Post)
  • Responding to reports that some teachers are convicted criminals, parents expressed concern. (Post)
  • The teacher fined for cursing in class had his fine reduced from $15,000 to $1,000. (Daily News)
  • Joe Nocera: The reform movement should accept that fixing schools won’t fix everything. (Times)
  • A one-time NYC administrator will replace Jerry Weast in Montgomery County, Md. (Washington Post)
  • Nationally, high school students are taking more advanced classes but not performing better. (Times)