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Remainders: Students protest opaque school revamp plans

  • Students took a break from spring break to protest the city’s opaque school revamp plans. (EdVox)
  • A school reformer posts a takedown of Joe Nocera’s takedown-lite of school reformers. (Flypaper)
  • James Merriman: The “reformers” on the frontlines are not filled with hubris but humility. (Centerpoint)
  • Hilary Lustick describes trying to turn students’ intolerance into teachable moments. (GS Community)
  • Teachers explain (in letters originally written to Cathie Black) why their work matters. (NY Teacher)
  • Great minds apply themselves to the question of teacher evaluation and come up short. (Jay Mathews)
  • A teacher decides that co-teaching is not for her. Also: She’s on her last unit of the year! (Miss Brave)
  • After contract negotiations, a school district will pay more of the union president’s salary. (EIA Intercepts)
  • Arne Duncan praises a Princeton student group for getting involved in K-12 ed. (Daily Princetonian)