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Remainders: A worst-case city chancellor scenario

  • The New Yorker imagines Charlie Sheen as schools chancellor and Cathie Black on TV. (Russo)
  • Duncan: Federal CTE support will depend on students’ success beyond high school. (Hechinger)
  • A ruling against students’ rights to derogate their teachers online without consequnce. (Daily Intel)
  • Chicago’s Renaissance plan is becoming a nonprofit: New Schools for Chicago. (Catalyst)
  • Also in Chicago, the new union president is facing backlash from her supporters. (Counterpunch)
  • When researchers work with educators to build their questions, quality results. (Ed News Colorado)
  • Some in Rochester want Brizard’s exit to launch more community involvement. (Failing Schools)
  • Meanwhile, the Chicago teachers union president plans to buy boxing gloves. (Tribune)
  • Push-back against a push to be more hawkish on the U.S. education system. (FP via Eduwonk)