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Remainders: Remembering a special education watchdog

  • A memorial service for special education advocate Dee Alpert is scheduled for May 1. (TS+)
  • Teachers support new neuroscience but confuse real findings with “commercial promises.” (Ed Week)
  • Why one celebrated math teacher tries to avoid the phrase “real-world learning.” (dy/dan)
  • The Wisconsin half of a NYC-Wisconsin teacher collaboration shares, with video. (Mrs. Ripp)
  • A Washington State student faked pregnancy as a social experiment. (Yakima Herald via Russo)
  • CNN will air a discussion about education including Randi Weingarten on Sunday. (National Journal)
  • Rational discussion about what should be done for schools in today’s climate is “nearly impossible.” (Nation)
  • A father asks why there isn’t a system in place to use volunteers in phys ed classes. (Insideschools)
  • Joel Klein says that obstacles to change include politicians, bureaucrats — then unions. (Reason)
  • John Merrow will send signed copies of his The Influence of Teachers to teachers. (Learning Matters)
  • Collin Lawrence: Like it or not, Regents exam success requires memorizing facts. (GS Community)