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Rise & Shine: NJ court weighs school budget intervention

  • New Jersey’s court may order Gov. Christie to spend more on schools. (WSJ, Star Ledger)
  • A new K-5 school will open a year later while a KIPP school will get more space. (Daily News)
  • A 7-year-old special education student in Queens was handcuffed after a tantrum. (Daily News)
  • The PBS News Hour profiles a Bronx school serving nearly 700 autistic children. (Daily News)
  • A Brooklyn teacher who made a Columbine joke avoided indictment yesterday. (Times)
  • Questions about whether an ACS worker or “systemic failures” are behind a child’s death. (Post)
  • Visiting Newark, Arne Duncan said the city could be a model for reform. (Star Ledger)
  • Newark Mayor Cory Booker said he’s mulling merit pay but hasn’t talked to teachers yet. (WSJ)
  • Rochester school board member: Brizard should pay for search for his successor. (Sun Times)
  • George Will says local control of schools is code for control by teachers unions. (Post)
  • Officials at Brooklyn’s Community Roots charter withdrew an application to expand. (Daily News, GS)
  • The Supreme Court is asked if juveniles convicted of murder should get life without parole. (Times)
  • People living in poverty are more likely to have only a cellphone, not a landline. (Times)
  • A young teacher-farmer in Brooklyn got his start through the city’s Green Apple Corps. (Times)