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Rise & Shine: Cuts to after-school could slash 15,000 spots

  • Next year’s proposed budget could force out one of every three students in after-school. (Daily News)
  • The Black Eyed Peas are opening an after-school Soho arts academy for 150 students. (NY1)
  • Chancellor Walcott said he’d like to increase the number of single-sex schools in the city. (Post)
  • Faced with budget cuts, some schools are replacing AP courses with online ones. (WSJ)
  • When a promising student succumbed to the street, Abyssinian Church bailed her out. (Times)
  • Eric Lane: a study of NY state voters shows schools aren’t doing enough to teach civics. (Daily News)
  • An off-duty school safety agent won’t be charged for shooting at men who tried to rob him. (WSJ)