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Rise & Shine: Walcott promises not to speak ill of teachers

News from New York:

  • State ed chief David Steiner will return to the deanship of Hunter College’s ed school. (Daily News)
  • Dennis Walcott called for civility in the school reform debate. (GothamSchools, Times, Daily News, NY1)
  • He also said again that he is standing behind Mayor Bloomberg’s teacher layoffs threats. (Post)
  • Parishioners at a Bronx church prayed for Walcott’s success during his visit Sunday. (Post)
  • In his speech at the church, Walcott promised not to speak ill of teachers. (Daily News)
  • Monday was Walcott’s official first day as New York City schools chancellor. (NY1)
  • Only 341 parents have applied for 425 seats on Community Education Councils so far. (WNYC)
  • The teacher who miscarried after breaking up a classroom fight explains why she didn’t sue. (Post)
  • Sixteen new charter schools are set to open this fall in New York City. (Post)
  • Parents vow to block the city’s second attempt to place a charter school in P.S. 9. (Daily News)
  • The Bronx Charter School for Excellence had to turn down 98 percent of applicants. (Daily News)
  • A Brooklyn prep school was sanctioned for destroying evidence of molestation charges. (DN, Post)
  • Some school custodians earn more than the teachers in the buildings where they work. (NBC New York)
  • An NYC private school admissions group can link parents to school board members. (Times)
  • The Daily News says New York State should make like Illinois and abolish “last in, first out” layoffs.

And beyond:

  • More than anything else, the trait that public school reformers share is private school education. (Times)
  • But in New York City, most recent changes have come about at the hands of public school grads. (Post)
  • Rochester’s Jean-Claude Brizard is Chicago’s new schools chief. (Chicago Tribune, GothamSchools)
  • Illinois’ new schools law could let Chicago Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel extend the school day. (Times)
  • The $144 million raised for Newark’s schools has divided the city’s education establishment. (WSJ)
  • An architect of No Child Left Behind accuses Obama of abandoning what works. (Daily News)
  • A mother says banning chocolate milk in school lunches is unwise. (WSJ)
  • Australian officials say their NYC-style reforms would have been better slower. (Sydney Morning Herald)

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