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Remainders: City plans for major downtown rezoning

  • The city is planning a major rezoning of downtown schools to address overcrowding. (DNAinfo)
  • Commissioner David Steiner said he wasn’t up for the “grinding implementation” of RttT. (Flypaper)
  • Incoming Chancellor Dennis Walcott made waffles, as promised, for P.S. 10 students. (GS, NYT)
  • The state is soliciting comments on its draft regulations for teacher evaluation. (NYSED)
  • A Bronx classroom can feel normal until its students are affected by violence. (GS Community)
  • Walcott won’t suffer the gaffes that Black did, but he’s more of the same in a bad way. (NYCEducator)
  • The LA police have agreed not to ticket students who are late, but on their way to school. (LA Times)
  • As part of its plan to convert a third of schools into charters, Detroit is inviting operators in. (Detroit News)
  • Houston’s school board voted to revamp teacher evals to include value-added data. (Houston Chronicle)
  • Tennessee and other states are also re-thinking their teacher evaluations methods. (Teacher Beat)
  • We’re off on Monday for Passover. And don’t go to school on Monday! It’s spring break.