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Rise & Shine: Walcott could officially become chancellor today

  • An investigation has found that one costly DOE tech contractor also owned another one. (Daily News)
  • Ex-Chancellor Joel Klein says Cathie Black was the “wrong” choice for chancellor. (NY1, Daily News)
  • A committee will decide today if Dennis Walcott should get a waiver to take the job. (Times, Daily News)
  • Walcott told lawmakers in Albany that teachers layoffs are all but assured this year. (Post)
  • Long Island City families say the city hasn’t planned school seats to keep up with growth. (Daily News)
  • State aid will let the DOE restore some cuts from its capital plan. (GothamSchools, Post, AP, Daily News)
  • The principal accused of harassing a teacher has now accused the teacher of misconduct. (NY1)
  • Some students who receive religious instruction during “released time” made matzo this week. (Times)
  • Advocates say mandated revamps of struggling schools probably won’t fix the schools. (Daily News)
  • Washington State is on the verge of doing away with “last in, first out” teacher layoffs. (AP)