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Remainders: Joel Klein knew about Black's firing before she did

  • Thirteen hours before Mayor Bloomberg told Cathie Black she was fired, he told Joel Klein. (City Room)
  • Dennis Walcott schmoozed lawmakers in Albany and got a warm reception. (Daily Politics)
  • Liza Campbell: It’s great Black is gone, but mayoral control is unfortunately still here. (GS Community)
  • Diane Ravitch: Who is chancellor is not the city’s biggest problem; the mayor’s policies are. (NYRB)
  • The chief of staff to Harlem Village Academies’ head Deborah Kenny works in a supply closet. (Flickr)
  • Techies are invited to mine school donation data and build new education apps. (DonorsChoose)
  • A L.I. editor says New York’s teacher evaluation algorithm doesn’t account for motivation. (L.I. Herald)
  • Upper East Side families are worrying about still-in-flux kindergarten wait list numbers. (DNA Info)
  • Student Donald is waiting for his Superman; his teacher, maybe a hero himself, has it. (Mr. Foteah)
  • Mayor Bloomberg: Ending “last in, first out” layoff rules would be a good step for America. (Daily Beast)
  • D.C. chief Kaya Henderson was the first choice to head New Orleans’ schools. (DC Schools Insider)
  • A teacher-activist wonders why there are no teachers on a “last in, first out” panel tonight. (Ed Notes)
  • John King: too often state education leaders don’t know what great schools look like. (Merriman)