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Remainders: How to get an Olympian into your classroom

  • Teachers, apply here to adopt an Olympian to work with your school. (Classroom Champions)
  • Cathie Black made a joke that proved she understands she’s had a rough start. (Daily Politics)
  • Middle schools in poor communities have fewer skilled teachers, says study. (Teacher Beat)
  • A teacher makes the case for trying again in the face of feelings of failure. (GS Community)
  • “Like Justin Bieber, the D.C. test has got us in a trance,” says a charter school. (YouTube)
  • Lawmakers are moving to close the “comparability loophole” in Title 1 funds. (Quick and the Ed)
  • Is the union skeptic Terry Moe, of Stanford, heading to work for the AFT? (Eduwonk)
  • The younger Bill Gates ate chicken with a spoon and was a ruthless taskmaster. (Vanity Fair)