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Rise & Shine: City’s first turnaround efforts could use Green Dot

  • The city is considering using Green Dot in its first turnaround efforts, at two Bronx high schools. (Times)
  • The departures of Joel Klein and Randi Weingarten caused union-city relations to decline. (Observer)
  • The baseball coach at George Washington HS has been suspended for improper recruiting. (Times)
  • The Board of Regents filled five slots yesterday; one went to a former city official. (GothamSchoolsAP)
  • The Regents are considering raising the passing score on high school exams to 75 from 65. (NY1)
  • A school official says a teacher fired for possessing drugs is harassing her to get his job back. (Post)
  • Most City Council members said they oppose the city’s bid to take back schools’ savings. (Daily News)
  • The Swedish-run charter school is set to open at Tweed this fall, but some neighbors aren’t happy. (WSJ)
  • A former Assemblyman says attacks on teachers’ job security will help the profession’s prestige. (Post)
  • The Wall Street Journal says Gov. Cuomo must face reality and change the way teachers are laid off.
  • With Bill and Melinda Gates, Pres. Obama visited a technology school they funded. (L.A. Times, Times)
  • A less extreme version of last year’s bill to change tenure and pay in Florida is likely to succeed. (Times)
  • Memphis voters chose to cede control over the city’s schools to the county administration. (TimesWSJ)
  • Even wealthy suburban districts are cutting back because residents don’t want to pay more taxes. (Times)