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Remainders: Summing the budget battles in 14 quick quotations

  • From Randi to Arne, a best-of list of quotations from the battle over teachers unions. (New Yorker)
  • A young teacher describes her hopes and then disappointment with the PEP. (GS Community)
  • Since the city offered pension boosts to get its failed merit pay trial, costs are ongoing. (Quick and the Ed)
  • Tom Vander Ark: A national curriculum reflects old ideas about what classrooms look like. (EdReformer)
  • But rejecting a national curriculum could mean embracing illiteracy. (Robert Pondiscio)
  • On the benefits of making teachers easier to fire. (Megan McCardle)
  • GothamSchools might be the only news outlet not to publish value-added scores when they come. (CJR)
  • Not many schools have applied for President Obama’s “Commencement Challenge.” (EdWeek)
  • Chicago Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel’s education transition team has some familiar names. (The 312)
  • “Collective impact” can change schools if the effort is more substantial than a partnership. (Opinionator)
  • A brother’s experience with zero tolerance informs one teacher’s thoughts on punishment. (Mrs. Ripp)
  • Philadelphia wants to fire a teacher who let students out of class to protest against the district. (Notebook)