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Rise & Shine: Eyebrows raised by city’s ed tech costs timing

  • The city’s plan to increase school technology spending in a lean year is raising objections. (Times)
  • Several schools are grappling with the reality of 20 percent of their students are homeless. (Daily News)
  • The growth of Community Roots Charter School will hurt disabled students, parents say. (Daily News)
  • PS 29’s ex-PTA treasurer was indicted for stealing about $100,000. (Times, Brooklyn PaperNY1, Post)
  • A new report says the city undercounted its dropouts. (GS, NY1, Times, WNYC, WSJ, Daily News)
  • Despite a decline in its use, corporal punishment is still permitted in 20 states. (Times)
  • Many states are dramatically scaling back their Race to the Top promises. (EdWeek)
  • The schools chief in Providence, R.I., is resigning during a chaotic year. (Providence Journal)
  • Los Angeles is giving up on the reading program that it has required for a decade. (L.A. Times)