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Remainders: Cuomo says “basic agreement” on ending LIFO

  • Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg racheted down the heated layoff debate. (State of Politics)
  • P.S. 22 hasn’t had a single chorus student ever need to take summer school. (NY Mag)
  • Principals who saved money for next year are fighting the city’s plan to take half away. (WNYC)
  • Sec. Duncan says tests are not the best way to measure art and gym teachers. (Dana Goldstein)
  • He also gave his most definitive, and negative, take on seniority rights yet. (WSJ)
  • Ruben Brosbe: wanting LIFO gone doesn’t mean supporting the ouster of senior teachers. (GS)
  • Miss Eyre hopes the backlash to the anti-teacherism is coming soon. (NYC Educator)
  • On class size: districts should go smaller for some students, larger for others. (Time Magazine)
  • Valerie Strauss: Diane Ravitch takes a lot of heat for someone without policy power. (Washington Post)
  • Is it better to focus on local issues, or should Eduflack run for the State Senate? (Eduflack)
  • Proving “comparability” under ESEA should mean more than transferring teachers. (Ed Money Watch)
  • Providence’s mayor explains his decision to fire all of his city’s teachers. (NPR)
  • Michelle Obama read “Green Eggs and Ham” yesterday for Read Across America Day. (Jezebel)