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Rise & Shine: Teachers are made targets from sea to shining sea

  • Across the country, mayors are attacking teachers, their rights, and their value to society. (Times)
  • Mayor Bloomberg said how much experience a teacher has doesn’t say anything about his skills. (NY1)
  • Bloomberg also said Gov. Cuomo’s teacher evaluation bill just defers the issue of seniority. (WNYCPost)
  • The Daily News says Cuomo is “working against the kids and for teachers” on the layoff issue.
  • Wisconsin’s labor battle isn’t just about union rights; it’s about how to fix schools. (Washington Post)
  • A state review lambasted conditions at Jane Addams, August Martin, and Maxwell high schools. (Post)
  • Parents at PS/IS 128 in Queens are protesting the city’s bid to take back rainy-day funds. (Daily News)
  • A new report says students with disabilities are not getting the legally mandated help. (Daily News)
  • Stuyvesant HS students who made a racist video are being disciplined, city officials say. (Daily News)
  • State budget cuts might force a school for deaf students in Brooklyn to shut down. (Daily News)
  • Bill Gates is calling on states to revise their health care and pensions to save public schools. (WSJ)