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Remainders: D.C. examining scores Rhee said she investigated

  • D.C. officials say they’ll investigate unusually high test erasure rates reported this week. (USA Today)
  • But Michelle Rhee said D.C. already investigated the questionable results and found nothing. (Russo)
  • Given perverse incentives, any cheating in D.C. schools shouldn’t come as a surprise. (Daily Beast)
  • A kind suggestion: What education journalism needs is more GothamSchools. (Dropout Nation)
  • City education activists talked school closures at a Ford Foundation conference. (Ed Notes)
  • Gleaning education lessons from New York City and beyond is not as easy at it sounds. (Guardian UK)
  • A school faces the reality that many of its graduates aren’t college-bound. (GS Community)
  • A call for today’s education reformers to take a lesson from not-so-ancient history. (Mike Rose)
  • Critics of the state’s looming budget will protest at City Hall and in Albany tomorrow. (Insideschools)
  • After 21 years of vouchers in Milwaukee, there’s no evidence students were helped. (Journal-Sentinel)
  • What to do if the only college that accepts you is one you don’t really want to attend. (Insideschools)
  • Diane Ravitch rounds up the evidence against merit pay for teachers. (Bridging Differences)