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Remainders: The 13-year-old view of high school admissions

  • An eighth-grader describes this week’s wait to find out where she’ll go to high school. (GS Community)
  • A half-hearted defense of working on the weekends, by a teacher who craves quiet and time. (Mrs. Ripp)
  • A member of the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial board interviews Randi Weingarten and isn’t impressed.
  • Teachers recruited from abroad say the city hasn’t kept up its end of their deal. (Jamaica Gleaner)
  • Nine suggestions for how to raise the status of teachers. (NYT: Room for Debate)
  • Eva Moskowitz says the high cost of small class size might be better spent elsewhere. (Washington Post)
  • Nominations your favorite teachers to win this year’s Blackboard Awards. (Manhattan Media)
  • A city teacher says education reform is likely to turn out like China’s Cultural Revolution. (HuffPo)
  • Toward a more thoughtful approach to the ubiquitous class-starting “do now” assignments. (Coach G)
  • Wisconsin school districts have been told not to agree to new teachers contracts for the moment. (AP)
  • Alexander Russo attended Yale School of Management’s ed conference so you didn’t have to. (TWIE)
  • A father insists that parenthood is fun, despite the somber mood at afternoon pickup. (Insideschools)
  • All students are worthy of honors; some students are more worthy than others. (Pissed Off Teacher)