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Remainders: Rhee’s Kryptonite and other official narratives

  • On a new mag cover, Michelle Rhee is superwoman and Randi bears Kryptonite. (Reason)
  • An Aspen Institute study shows why D.C.’s teacher evaluations don’t cut it. (Thompson)
  • Managing the challenge of serving a community you aren’t from. (GS Community)
  • New Jersey unions are forming an advocacy group to fight Chris Christie. (AP)
  • The Newark teachers union president, meanwhile, takes a fighting stance. (NJ Spotlight)
  • Video caught a Bronx mother training her 11-year-old to pickpocket. (NY Mag)
  • The head of the College Board, Gaston Caperton, is stepping down. (NYT The Choice)
  • The P.S. 22 chorus pays tribute to a fan: Susanna Hoffs, late of The Bangles. (PS 22)
  • How to get involved in the fight against PCB’s in school buildings. (Insideschools)