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Rise & Shine: Schools’ transformation funds delayed by months

  • Delayed “transformation” funding has left 11 schools with staffing and resource shortages. (Post)
  • Kindergarten acceptance letters are out, but it’s unclear how long the waiting list will be. (NY1)
  • City officials are halving estimates of how many seats they can built in the next three years. (Times)
  • Bob Herbert: current education reform strategies ignore the benefits of racial integration. (Times)
  • The AFL-CIO released its own pro-“last in, first out” ad yesterday. (Post)
  • New York City’s charter space wars have made their way to New Jersey. (WSJ)
  • The Obama administration is bringing its Race to the Top model to higher ed. (Times)
  • Bill Gates says he hopes that in ten years, schools will have vastly different personnel systems. (WSJ)