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Rise & Shine: College admit data coming to HS progress reports

  • The city wants to incorporate college admission statistics into high school progress reports. (Post)
  • The State Senate passed the bill that would set new layoff rules. (GothamSchools, WNYC, Daily News)
  • The fate of the bill now falls to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who doesn’t support it, the Post says.
  • Gov. Cuomo offered his own bill, to speed the adoption of new teacher evaluations. (Times, WSJNY1)
  • Cuomo’s proposal caught the city by surprise and angered Mayor Bloomberg. (Daily News, Post)
  • Michael Goodwin: The bill to end “last in, first out” layoffs is a good start but not a real merit system. (Post)
  • A Bronx high school principal says losing his junior teachers would be devastating. (Daily News)
  • PS 114’s story highlights issues with upping the weight of teacher ratings, Jim Dwyer writes. (Times)
  • More than 1,000 of the teachers the city has proposed laying off work in Brooklyn. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • The Panel for Educational Policy postponed its closure vote on Queens’ IS 231. (GSNY1)
  • More than 100 junior teachers signed a letter to support keeping seniority layoff rules. (GSDaily News)
  • PS 22 students returned to the city yesterday after appearing at the Oscars and on “Oprah.” (Daily News)
  • The head of a school for disabled students says Cuomo’s cuts would hurt special ed. (Daily News)
  • Los Angeles is shutting down a chain of charter schools accused of cheating on state tests. (L.A. Times)