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Rise & Shine: Critics question Bloomberg’s layoff numbers

  • Some believe the city is underestimating teacher attrition for next year, overestimating layoffs. (Times)
  • Even before the petition controversy, the DOE tried to involve parents in politics. (GS, DN)
  • The State Assembly budgeted $32 million for teacher centers, but that may be cut. (Daily News)
  • 200 city schools are relying on a private data management instead of the one the DOE built. (NY1)
  • A Queens high school forgot to offer gym to some students, jeopardizing their graduation. (Post)
  • Gov. Cuomo said school districts should find and cut waste rather resort to layoffs. (NY1, Post)
  • The city isn’t happy with Cuomo’s suggestion that it collectively bargain how layoffs are done. (Post)
  • The Post says Cuomo is delusional if he thinks he can work with the union on layoffs.
  • A reporter sits in on a delicate talk between a D.C. teacher and his evaluator. (Washington Post)
  • Arne Duncan said 10 NCAA teams should be tossed out for low academic performance. (WSJ)
  • NJ Gov. Chris Christie doesn’t plan to name a Newark schools superintendent until May. (WSJ)
  • Four D.C. elementary students were hospitalized after ingesting cocaine. (Washington Post)