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Remainders: DiNapoli report says schools can take the cuts

  • Comptroller DiNapoli’s report finds most school districts can weather Cuomo’s cuts. (State of Politics)
  • Cuomo said the report proves that his cuts can happen without teacher layoffs. (Daily Politics)
  • The state teachers union says the layoff threats are real. (State of Politics)
  • NY students made a grim video of what would happen if those cuts went through. (YouTube)
  • Over four years, a Brooklyn high school went through nine science teachers. (GS Community)
  • The CEO of AOL and Arianna Huffington taught journalism to CitizenSchools students. (AOL)
  • A principal in the common core pilot thinks civics can act as test prep for new tests. (Teaching Matters)
  • Valerie Strauss: Duncan talks about supporting teachers, then backs policies that don’t. (Answer Sheet)
  • Two senators want to create a national task force to cut schools’ red tape. (Politics K-12)
  • Mike Petrilli: states without collective bargaining pay their teachers more, on average. (Gadfly)
  • KIPP and the Baltimore teachers union agreed to a 10-year contract extension. (Class Struggle)