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Remainders: The case against one second-grade teacher

  • Testimony from a local ed professor that a teacher should lose tenure. (David Bloomfield, PDF)
  • Finland: “…and that’s why all of the young, talented people want to become teachers.” (Hechinger)
  • A parent explains why she left her district’s parent council, which felt impotent. (Insideschools)
  • John Boehner would like Obama to consider supporting D.C. vouchers. (WashPost)
  • A guide to new charter schools opening in the city, plus reviews. (Insideschools)
  • Inside the much-ballyhooed Rocketship model of blended learning. (Education Next)
  • Deputy Chancellor John White is touted as a possible Rahm Emanuel schools czar. (Catalyst)
  • Post-RTTT, Arne Duncan will return to the bully pulpit to do local schools advocacy. (Politics K12)
  • D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is “comfortable” with a one-person superintendent search. (WashPost)