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Rise & Shine: Eva Moskowitz says city’s ESL pace is too slow

  • Eva Moskowitz argues in a report that the city doesn’t help English language learners fast enough. (WSJ)
  • At the iSchool, students receive virtual instruction from teachers who are on staff elsewhere. (NY1)
  • The DOE will use a private firm to communicate its Innovation Zone messaging to teachers. (Post)
  • City teachers say current events could be teachable moments if there weren’t Regents exams. (WNYC)
  • A mom is suing her daughter’s preschool for not focusing on test prep. (Times, Post, Daily News, WSJ)
  • State Senate Republicans will vote on their layoffs bill today. (GothamSchools, WNYC, NY1)
  • Gov. Cuomo didn’t embrace the bill, which incorporates his layoffs proposal. (Post)
  • Lower Manhattan is getting a new elementary school after all. (City RoomNY1Post)
  • President Obama called for a quick, thoughtful revision of No Child Left Behind. (TimesWSJPost)
  • Susan Engel: Maybe the best people to redesign public education are the students. (Times)
  • Rhode Island’s labor board says the state’s schools chief created a climate of fear. (Providence Journal)
  • The new GED exam will be aligned with new national standards and be taken on computers. (Times)