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Rise & Shine: IBM gave Cathie Black $3.3M when she left board

News from New York City:

  • IBM gave Cathie Black $3.3 million when she left its board of directors to become chancellor. (Post)
  • State Senate Republicans proposed a layoffs plan mixing the city’s plan and Gov. Cuomo’s. (Daily News)
  • Cuomo: The city has to resolve its evaluation fight before I’ll end “last in, first out” rules. (PostDaily News)
  • The city is burning dangerous dirty heating oil in hundreds of city schools. (NY1)
  • The Environmental Protection Agency says the city’s PCB-removal plan is too slow. (Times)
  • Some city lawmakers rallied in support of speeding the city’s cleanup timeline. (NY1)
  • Most teachers in the rubber room last year are in classrooms now. (GS, Post, Times, Daily News)
  • A teacher at Queens’ PS 16 was charged with animal cruelty for mistreating her pet dog. (Post)
  • A PS 203 teacher who wrote “I hate their guts” about her students on Facebook could lose her job. (Post)
  • Parents are once again worried that budget cuts are threatening city-funded child care programs. (NY1)
  • New facilities for disabled children are opening in New York City are giving options to parents. (WSJ)

And beyond:

  • Joel Klein says teachers are unfairly vilified — but they also have too many job perks. (Washington Post)
  • Nick Kristof says American schools should take McKinsey’s advice and pay teachers much more. (Times)
  • Detroit has turned to “the usual whipping boys” in reforming schools, but there’s little progress. (Times)
  • So Detroit officials want to turn many of the city’s remaining public schools into charter schools. (WSJ)
  • Questions about Chris Cerf’s ethics are dogging his bid to be New Jersey’s schools chief. (Star-Ledger)
  • A Kansas judge ruled that suburban parents can’t add higher school taxes to the local ballot. (WSJ)
  • Utah and Idaho last week passed new laws that eliminate “last in, first out” layoffs for teachers. (Post)
  • Educating the children of California’s migrant workers continues to be a formidable challenge. (Times)
  • To combat obesity, Mexico City is limiting the sugar and fat that can be served to schoolchildren. (Times)
  • The Wall Street Journal praises a resurgence in attention to the issue of school vouchers.