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Remainders: The lavish lives and cribs of New York teachers

  • New York teachers live lavishly in one-bedroom apartments and modest houses. (The Daily Show)
  • The Gates Foundation will spend $3.5 million to advocate for its favored policies. (Answer Sheet)
  • Katie Couric will report on the $125,000 teacher charter school this Sunday. (60 Minutes)
  • A glitzy benefit for the New York Harbor School drew backers to the New York Yacht Club. (Bloomberg)
  • After stopping awarding letter grades on assignments, a teacher reports higher standards. (Mrs. Ripp)
  • Teach For America’s alums are accomplished, but it’s unclear if that’s TFA’s fault. (Rick Hess)
  • The New Teacher Project aggregates bright ideas for building good staffs. (School Leader’s Toolbox)
  • Jim Lehrer’s tribute to an ed reporter we also admire: author John Merrow. (Learning Matters)
  • A list of reasons to be skeptical of the push for all children to go to college. (Larry Cuban)
  • The UFT will hold a training for charter school teachers about community Saturday. (Edwize)