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Rise & Shine: Fewer charter school students passing HS exam

  • The rate of charter school applicants qualifying for specialized high schools is down by half. (Post)
  • The city isn’t saying how its preferred layoff rules would affect schools. (GothamSchools)
  • Comptroller John Liu rejected a teacher recruitment contract. (GothamSchools, Post, Times, Daily News)
  • A Fort Hamilton HS student attacked a classmate with acid in class. (City Room, Daily News, Post, WSJ)
  • Boys and Girls HS held a special program about Underground Railroad activist Harriet Tubman. (NY1)
  • A space-sharing plan for Brooklyn’s IS 303 is dividing families in the same housing project. (Daily News)
  • President Obama held a summit in D.C. about bullying prevention. (Times, Washington Post, NY1)
  • An Oakland, Calif., teacher is writing a children’s book and letting his students critique it. (Times)
  • Federal Head Start early childhood programs are facing cuts across the country. (Times)
  • Michelle Rhee reiterates her arguments against “last in, first out” layoff rules. (WSJ)