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Remainders: The snow-day favor Klein paid Kennedy

  • Joel Klein and Caroline Kennedy appeared at a benefit for Public Prep charter schools. (PolitickerNY)
  • Klein said he once called a snow day as a favor to Kennedy and her son. (Gatecrasher)
  • Klein’s reaction by e-mail: “of course” he would’ve called it otherwise. “It was a blizzard. C’mon.”
  • The values of labor and management can overlap, as a subway ride teaches. (GS Community)
  • The key to raising test scores is raising students’ heart rates just before the exam. (Insideschools)
  • A charter advocate said that charter conversions may be a doomed turnaround strategy. (Chalkboard)
  • Schools can be open to visits from prospective parents without sacrificing learning. (Andy Rotherham)
  • Some of N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s education claims (among others) don’t hold up to scrutiny. (Times)
  • The Parthenon Report on school closures prompted the UFT to petition the attorney general. (Edwize)
  • Wisconsin teachers’ loss of bargaining rights probably won’t affect student achievement. (Slate)
  • An extended decency argument against anonymous commenting, inspired by TechCrunch. (Slate)
  • This post about text complexity involves Bronx teachers and a dominatrix. (Curriculum Matters)
  • The NEA and the libertarian Cato Institute agree on one thing: Karl Rove’s new group erred. (TPM)