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Remainders: Bloomberg “blindsided” by Cuomo

  • A bill to end seniority based layoffs passed the State Senate today. (Daily Politics)
  • And was followed by Cuomo announcing his own bill to expedite the teacher eval system. (Daily Politics)
  • Mayor Bloomberg’s aides are calling Cuomo’s bill a “scam” to foil LIFO’s repeal. (Daily News)
  • Flanagan told Liz Benjamin that he’s a “principled, strong supporter” of unions. (State of Politics)
  • An analysis finds little relationship between teacher layoffs and schools’ poverty levels. (Shanker Blog)
  • The bill that would avoid a government shutdown includes significant education cuts. (Politics K-12)
  • PS 22’s chorus is good because PS 22 supports the arts, says an arts ed advocate. (Gotham Gazette)
  • A curmudgeonly Bravo network executive is not a fan of the chorus. (City Room)
  • Students at Flushing International HS won a contest for a video about tolerance. (City Room)
  • Jon Stewart makes fun of critics who say teachers get too many job perks. (Daily Show via Answer Sheet)
  • Leonie Haimson & Steven Malanga debate the value of public sector unions. (NYC Parents)
  • A report about federal duplications found 82 federal teacher quality funding streams. (WSJ via Russo)
  • Unions will make a comeback when people associate “education reform” with them. (Ezra Klein)
  • A blogger dissects Bill Gates’ suggestion that schools raise class size for good teachers. (GOOD)