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To teachers with love: Send us your best pedagogical valentines

Dear readers: We love you. Let us (learn to) count the ways.

Inspired by the blog 10,000 Words’ Valentines for Journalists contest, we are launching a creative challenge of our own: help us come up with brilliant school-related valentines.

These can be messages for anyone from your wife to your principal to your least favorite GothamSchools commenter whom you want to kill with kindness. (Kindness!) They can be for that special someone on the opposite side of the ideological divide you’ve developed feelings for while battling in the trenches of the school reform wars, or something simple for your student to give to everyone in her class.

For inspiration, search Twitter for the #edupickuplines meme that caught fire back in December. My personal favorite: “Trust me, baby, there is nothing common about my core.”

Be creative, but keep it educational and PG-rated.

Send us your one-line messages of education-related love, lust, pining or passion. Submit entries by email, in the comments section below, or on Twitter — just make sure to tweet @gothamschools and use the hashtag #edlove. Then on Monday we’ll pick the best of the love notes and turn them into a digital valentine similar to the ones you see here.

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