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Remainders: Parents to appeal ruling that granted Black's waiver

  • A group of parents will appeal the court ruling that allowed Cathie Black to receive her waiver. (Observer)
  • Bloomberg wants to change part of the Taylor Law that bars him from negotiating pensions. (NYT)
  • Most NY school districts outside of the city have the money to cover cuts, a state ed report says. (WCBS)
  • Laura Bush is announcing an initiative to boost grad rates by focusing on middle schools. (AP)
  • The number of seniors who passed an AP exam in 2010 represents 15 percent of their class. (NYT)
  • The Daily launches a five-part series with Klein, Duncan, Rhee and others on school reform. (The Daily)
  • A founding member of Parents Across America outlines her objections to ed reformers’ agenda. (HuffPo)
  • Leo Casey calls on Cuomo to also try to downsize high charter superintendent pay. (EdWize)
  • A charter advocate takes a closer look at charters’ college-readiness data. (NYC Charter Center)
  • Michelle Rhee challenged the blogger’s data that showed her to be an ineffective teacher. (Wash. Post)
  • Baltimore’s former accountability chief says his data neither confirms nor denies Rhee’s claims. (WP)
  • Texas school officials canceled an Arabic class over fears that students would learn about Islam. (Salon)
  • A new Facebook app claims to predict students’ likelihood of being admitted to various colleges. (GOOD)

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