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The Rubber Room, the play

THE RUBBER ROOM puts three infamous teachers in a new Reassignment Center and introduces a neophyte in their midst. They are each accused of a serious infraction about which each of them claims INNOCENCE.
One of them is on a Reconnaissance Mission.
The new Security Guard already resents them.
The teachers are raw, short-tempered, wounded and caught up in a system that is beginning to eat its young.
This is an incendiary play about a scorching subject that will present an audience with a cast thrown into the flames in a volcanic situation.

Theatre 54 244 W. 54th St. 12th fl. $18

running time: 70 min.

WednesdayFebruary 97pm

WednesdayFebruary 99:30pm

Thursday February 107pm

Thursday February 109:30pm


February 117pm

FridayFebruary 119:30pm

SaturdayFebruary 122pm

SaturdayFebruary 127pm

SaturdayFebruary 129:30pm

SundayFebruary 132pm

SundayFebruary 137pm

MondayFebruary 147pm

MondayFebruary 149:30pm
TuesdayFebruary 157pm

TuesdayFebruary 159:30pm

WednesdayFebruary 167pm

WednesdayFebruary 169:30pm

ThursdayFebruary 177pm

ThursdayFebruary 179:30pm

FridayFebruary 187pm

FridayFebruary 189:30pm

SaturdayFebruary 192pm

SaturdayFebruary 197pm

SaturdayFebruary 199:30pm

SundayFebruary 202pm

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