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Rise & Shine: Tonight's PEP meeting could outlast Tuesday's

  • Tonight’s PEP meeting on the fate of 13 schools could go longer than Tuesday’s. (Daily News, WNYC)
  • More than 3,000 students are adjusting to the news that their schools will be closed. (Post)
  • Plans are already in place for IBM to open a new school to replace Paul Robeson HS. (NY1)
  • The Daily News says the PEP can’t do its job if its meetings feel like wrestling matches.
  • Mayor Bloomberg’s pension proposal would bar teachers from getting checks before age 65. (Times)
  • A poll done for Education Reform Now found that New York voters oppose “last in, first out” rules. (Post)
  • The Post says fighting “last in, first out” is a worthier battle for Bloomberg than pushing for more money.
  • State Assemblyman Jonathan Bing reiterates his case against seniority layoff rules. (Post)
  • Andrea Peyser: Minority parents are hurting their own kids by opposing the new Millennium HS. (Post)

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