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Poll: Chancellor Black has far to go to win back public

A Marist College poll released this evening shows that new Schools Chancellor Cathie Black has less public support than her predecessor, Joel Klein, did when he took the job eight years ago.

Current poll results show that 21 percent of registered New York City voters think that Black has done a good or excellent job of handling of the public schools. When Quinnipiac University first surveyed the public on Klein in 2003, a month after he took office, its results showed that 46 percent of New Yorkers approved of him.

The two sets of poll numbers aren’t a perfect comparison, as the Marist poll found that 35 percent of New Yorkers think Black has done a “fair” job, while the Quinnipiac poll only allowed respondents to approve or disapprove of the chancellor. Because of this difference, Klein had more detractors than Black does. In 2003, 27 percent of people disapproved of him, while the Marist poll has 19 percent of respondents rating Black’s performance as “poor.”

Though she has garnered plenty of headlines in the month she’s been in office, Black is about as unknown as she is liked. The poll shows that 26 percent of respondents don’t have an opinion of her yet, or haven’t heard of her. In 2003, roughly the same number — 28 percent — of people didn’t have an impression of Klein.

Klein’s early approval rating of 46 percent was the highest he earned over the eight years he as in office.

When Mayor Bloomberg named Black to the post in November, a Quinnipiac poll found that 51 percent of voter surveyed didn’t think she was fit for the job. That number rose when the pool was whittled down to just public school parents: 62 percent of whom disapproved of her selection.

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