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Remainders: Senate could vote on LIFO bill tomorrow

  • Mayor Bloomberg is going to Albany tomorrow to lobby for “last in, first out”‘s repeal. (Daily Politics)
  • UFT President Michael Mulgrew will also be there for the union’s lobby day. (no link)
  • Sen. Flanagan says most teachers wouldn’t defend the teachers he wants to lay off. (State of Politics)
  • AFL-CIO President Denis Hughes says the LIFO bill is an attack on collective bargaining. (Daily Politics)
  • Peter Murphy: Limiting the LIFO bill to NYC could also limit the opposition. (Chalkboard)
  • A poll shows that most Americans don’t want to see collective bargaining weakened. (NYT)
  • Of all the unions, Gov. Cuomo is closest to open war with NYSUT, NY’s teachers union. (Capital)
  • Cuomo plans to propose a cap on school superintendents’ pay this week. (AP)
  • Michigan’s former treasurer says keeping teachers’ bargaining rights intact is good policy. (Salon)
  • A D.C. charter school supporter argues for giving the schools unequal funding. (Washington City Paper)