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Rise & Shine: City's school layoff list fear-mongering, union says

News from New York City:

  • The city’s teacher layoffs list shows that 4 in 5 schools would be affected. (Times, WSJ, NY1, Daily News)
  • UFT President Michael Mulgrew says the list is just meant to scare teachers. (GothamSchools)
  • The highest proportion of layoffs would happen in Harlem, where 1 in 6 teachers would be laid off. (Post)
  • The UFT said avoiding layoffs could start with cutting the teacher recruitment budget. (S.I. Advance)
  • A teachers at PS 156 in Queens is suing over the way she says her principal treats students. (Post)
  • Mayor Bloomberg said parents shouldn’t worry about toxic levels of PCBs in school buildings. (NY1)
  • About 1,500 teachers are paid by DOE while they are actually doing work for the teachers union. (Post)
  • The city’s 43 transfer high schools have raised graduation rates for at-risk teens. (Daily News)
  • Cathie Black has rescheduled her parent meeting that competed with the UFT’s. (S.I. Advance)
  • PS 22’s chorus performed at the Oscars last night, singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” (Daily News)
  • Michael Daly: PS 22’s 10-year chorus teacher is reason for ending “last in, first out” rules. (Daily News)
  • The city might start reimbursing parents for transporting their special education students. (S.I. Advance)
  • CUNY is planning to open a new community college in Manhattan as soon as next summer. (Post)

And beyond:

  • After abandoning its racial diversity plan, Raleigh, N.C., might integrate schools by achievement. (Times)
  • The mayor of Providence, R.I., reassured teachers who received termination notices. (Times)
  • Rhode Island’s schools chief says budget-related layoffs don’t have to happen by seniority. (Post)
  • N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s fight with the teachers union is only the most fierce of his union battles. (Times)
  • In Ohio, local boxing gyms are picking up refugees from schools’ canceled sports programs. (Times)
  • Paul Krugman says Texas’s example shows that children are bearing the brunt of the recession. (Times)
  • Few charter school operators have opted to take federal money to turn around failing schools. (EdWeek)
  • David Kearns, a Bush I-era USDOE official and founder of New American Schools, has died. (Times)

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