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Remainders: LIFO and the diversity of the teaching corps

  • Ending last-in-first-out layoffs could make the teaching force more white. (EdNotes)
  • Mini-profiles of new high schools opening this fall are up on Insideschools. (Insideschools)
  • Wisconsin teachers make almost 75 cents in benefits for every dollar in pay. (WSJ)
  • A teacher pulled from her school mid-year after protesting has generated a rally. (Notebook)
  • A debate about the new Michelle Rhee book and why D.C. schools struggle. (Taking Note)
  • Public colleges fail those who survive the nation’s worst high schools. (Washington Monthly)
  • Teachers unions are strong even in states without collective bargaining. (American Spectator)
  • A compilation of research that supports ending last-in-first-out layoffs. (TNTP)
  • Some of our commenters are unhappy with us and even a critic feels bad for us. (JD2718)

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