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Remainders: "New York is not Wisconsin," Schumer says

  • Newark is considering consolidating schools to make room for new district and charters. (Star-Ledger)
  • Susan Edelman examines how state testing standards got so low so quickly. (Post)
  • Assemblyman Peter Abbate criticized the DOE’s take-back of principals’ rainy-day funds. (Daily Politics)
  • A Wisconsin-style bill anti-collective bargaining could not happen in NY, Sen. Chuck Schumer said. (T-U)
  • A majority of Americans oppose efforts to block collective bargaining power, a poll reports. (USA Today)
  • New York, like other Race to the Top winners, has been slow to start spending its money. (Ed Money)
  • NYSUT began a $1.1 million ad campaign against Cuomo’s proposed ed budget cuts today. (City Room)
  • A charter school advocate complains that the ad is “so yesterday.” (Chalkboard)
  • The director of PS 22’s famed chorus has never seen the television show “Glee.” (GoCollege)
  • Robert Jackson led a march outside Gov. Cuomo’s house against education cuts. (EdVox)
  • A Harlem mother says she’s sympathetic to the Ohio mom who enrolled her children illegally. (HuffPo)
  • Brooklyn’s Boys and Girls High School is fighting to stay open. (Brooklyn Movement Center)
  • Richard Kahlenberg says Michelle Rhee’s war with unions is a distraction from the real issues. (Slate)
  • Inspired by V-Day, Ruben is looking for suggestions for slogans to promote teaching. (Bronx Teach)
  • Skype is launching a new site to help teachers use the chatting service in the classroom. (Innovative Ed)
  • N.J. Ed Commish Chris Cerf says data on how many poor students charters enroll doesn’t exist. (S-L)

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