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Remainders: Bloomberg pension tier reform sparks criticism

  • The mayor released his pension tier reform plan; UFT chief Michael Mulgrew called it “insane.” (DN)
  • The leaders of the CFE lawsuit say Cuomo’s budget cuts undermines commitment to equality. (T-U)
  • Cathie Black’s crowd-control tactics: booing her booers right back. (Daily Politics, City Room)
  • Here’s video of last night’s closure-themed “What a Wonderful World” parody. (NYC Parents)
  • Parents at two closing schools argue that the city failed their children’s schools. (EdVox)
  • DOE employees are among those facing docked pay for staying home during the snow day. (City Room)
  • A new Harvard ed school report says the “college for all” goal is harming students. (Flypaper)
  • The Council of Chief State School Officers asked Congress to reauthorize ESEA soon. (Politics K-12)
  • Joel Klein gives Rick Hess more details on his job at NewsCorp. (AEI)

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