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Remainders: Protesting budget cuts, Black receives scrutiny

  • Chancellor Black received pointed questions as she protested budget cuts in Albany today. (City Room)
  • Less than a third of city students take free breakfast and more from a council hearing. (GS Community)
  • President Obama threatened to veto a House budget that would cut education spending. (Politics K12)
  • Obama’s budget is a policy document; it includes a DARPA-like plan for ed research. (Politics K12)
  • Many of stimulus-stimulated policy changes are already endangered across the country. (Hechinger)
  • Diane Ravitch calls Teach For America a “huge success story,” but a “scary” one. (Bridging Differences)
  • Philly’s superintendent will take 20 days of furlough, saving $31,000 in salary costs. (Notebook)
  • Duncan: “We reject the idea that ‘collaboration’…is a codeword for cowardice.” (Teacher Beat)
  • John Merrow, PBS’s education correspondent, has a book out about teachers. (Influence of Teachers)

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