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Remainders: The arrival of Obama's 2012 budget

  • Obama’s budget is out and it includes a modest increase in education spending. (EdWeek)
  • Though he’s requesting a lot less money for the “teaching and learning” fund. (EdWeek)
  • The budget includes $900 million for a Race to the Top for school districts. (NYT)
  • Rotherham says he’s skeptical the Race to the Top funding request will survive. (Eduwonk)
  • Alison Stewart talks school turnarounds and phys ed with three education thinkers. (PBS)
  • A new school librarian gets stuck in an unbelievably bad graduate class. (Education on the Plate)
  • One UFT member says the union’s new ad attacking Mayor Bloomberg is too soft. (Chaz)
  • Another thinks it’s just right. (Accountable Talk)
  • Norm Scott: Why won’t UFT president Michael Mulgrew defend seniority layoffs? (Ed Notes)
  • A college counselor travels to the Teach for America summit and reports back. (GS Community)
  • How did PCBs end up in public schools and what do they look like anyway? (WSJ)
  • Always putting “children first” could mean putting teachers last. (More Thoughtful)

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