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Remainders: A day of anxiety over elite high school admissions

  • The number of black and Hispanic students admitted to elite high schools is down, again. (GS, NYT)
  • Some schools think it kinder to mail home specialized high school acceptance letters. (InsideSchools)
  • Cathie Black is doing better one-on-one with teachers than with the public. (AP)
  • Peter Murphy: absent some big changes, the college readiness gap won’t budge. (Chalkboard)
  • Laying off teachers based on U-ratings sounds good, but in practice merit can be arbitrary. (GS)
  • Told his students aren’t progressing fast enough, a teacher has to face hard truths. (GS)
  • DiNapoli says the state could save money by focusing on at-risk students. (Politics on the Hudson)
  • Randi Weingarten says she asked Bloomberg to let the union “police itself” in 2004. (NPR)
  • School-related comments bookend a list of Bloomberg’s worst gaffes. (Daily Politics)
  • When turnaround principals move from school to school, their work is sometimes undone. (Early Ed)
  • If Congress approves Race to the Top spending for 2012, it might be for districts-only. (Politics K-12)

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